Beyond Piano Lessons

Li Fan, pianist and piano teacher

Welcome to "Piano and Young Talents" 2017, formerly "A Romantic Night of Piano Music" a piano concert series of my students since 2003.

The five young pianists have been studying piano for roughly ten years during which time they also developed self-discipline, persistence and the ability to overcome obstacles." To sharpen your willpower through practicing piano " is the key I repeatedly tell my students of all level and ages. Due to healthier living condition and better education, the students of this generation are very smart and talented .In my teaching, I put my emphasis on training students¨ willpower by working on various difficulties such as practice piano every day , practice hard sections of each pieces first etc. The image of their performance may fade after Sept 10 concert but the dedication with which they studied piano will continue in their future lives and professional careers.

Chinese parents typically believe that .due to heavy academic works, .high school students do not have time to practice piano or take parts in other activities. Through the concert, you will find that it may not be true. As you can see from their biographies, the four young pianists stand out not only in their academic works but also in their extracurricular activities. My teaching experience has told me that if a student studies piano well, he or she tends to excel in other subject areas since the learning skills are the same.

Among past years¨ performers of this concert series, there have been six into Harvard University , four to computer Department of Carnegie Mellon University, two to Stein Business School of NYU, two to Cornell University, two to Emory University ,one to Economy Department of Chicago University, one to Brown University, one to Stanford University, one to Boston College and other fine Universities in America.

Please come to the live concert on Saturday 7pm Sept 9 and find out how good the young pianists sound after ten years hard working.