Meet The Young Talents

Andy Wang , 16

Andy Wang is a rising junior at Wayland High School. He has been playing piano for ten years, the last two at Li Fan's studio.

Andy participates in many extracurricular activities like math team, science team, and most notably debate. He will be the novice director of his debate team this coming year and last February, Andy and his partner progressed to the final round at the Tufts tournament. Andy also performs with his school choir, he auditioned into the Senior Districts chorus and later qualified for All-State. Andy is very interested in and plans to study computer engineering. He started learning Java in the seventh grade and was asked to be a teaching assistant in the eighth grade. He continues to teach middle and high schoolers throughout the year. In ninth grade, his team won the grand prize at the Metrohacks Hackathon.

This past year, he ran two of his own computer science camps for middle schoolers at Wayland. For the past month, Andy worked as a software intern for a health-ware company and currently is making a website for a nonprofit music organization. Andy has also been the class secretary for the past two years.